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SES disappointed by Intelsat’s submission to FCC on C-band spectrum clearing

SES accused Intelsat of attempting to capture a greater share of the proposed accelerated relocation payments.

Communications satellite owner SES SA has responded to the comments made by Intelsat in its ex-parte submission to the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) dated February 19, 2020.

In a statement, SES said that it reaffirmed its steadfast support for the FCC’s objectives to ensure global leadership in 5G. The SES also confirmed that it is ready and willing to play a central role in the expedited clearing of a portion of the C-band.

SES believes that there remains an important role for the C-Band Alliance (CBA), and that the CBA’s collaborative clearing plan is the most efficient path to clear the spectrum. “That said, SES is prepared to act on its own in the clearing process if necessary while protecting its customers,” the statement read.

Further, SES expressed disappointment over Intelsat’s “eleventh-hour attempt to renounce its commitments” made to other CBA members and the Commission over the course of the proceeding.

“Having worked collaboratively for a long period of time on this project, this sudden and recent change in direction by Intelsat is both disappointing and not legally compliant,” SES said.

SES concluded that it will hold Intelsat responsible under its commitments.