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Songhai Labs And SatSure AG announce strategic partnership

Songhai Labs will represent SatSure in Africa, connecting them to local governments, companies and organisations likely to use satellite technology.

Songhai Labs, a knowledge broker platform based in Cameroon, Central Africa and SatSure, a satellite precision company headquartered in Switzerland, have announced a strategic partnership to launch an Open Innovation Platform for Agriculture and AgTech ecosystems.

The platform will allow experts access to agricultural data generated by SatSure. Songhai Labs will coordinate and pilot the new platform in the Africa Region while SatSure will provide the technical expertise, Space In Africa reported.

Commenting on the partnership, Charles Awanda, Founder and CEO of Songhai Labs, said: “We will primarily focus on satellite technology applications in the agriculture sector at the beginning, this will involve building the platform, training farmers, agriculture organisations and research organisations in the use of satellite technology to improve the productivity of the agricultural sector. The long term vision could include business and government partnerships that will benefit not just the agricultural sector but other sectors such as Utilities, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Education and Research.”