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SpaceBridge launches SatCloud solutions

SatCloud service saves CapEx investments, and minimizes network OpEx, while speeding time-to-market.
Jamil Joseph, VP Sales EMEA, SpaceBridge at the Satellite 2019 show.

SpaceBridge has launched its SatCloud managed services for satellite network operators, backhaulers, and broadcasters at Satellite 2019.

SatCloud offers a cloud-orchestrated solution for service providers that want to provide managed high-bit rate occasional and on-demand end-to-end satellite solutions.

Commenting on the new service for satellite network operators, Assaf Cohen, VP Marketing and Sales & General Manager of SpaceBridge, said: “With SatCloud, you do not need to invest capital expenses in deploying a new platform, giving you a significant reduction in risk. You also avoid the start-up cost of training your engineering and support teams, and the need to maintain spares. At the same time, you gain unlimited warranty provisions on the hardware and free upgrades on the software for as long as you use the service. SpaceBridge has created a new first-of-its-kind service to help address these kinds of challenges. Pay only for what you need, when you need it while gaining a complete”.

“We believe in partnership and driving each other’s business and doing so by recognizing the strongest suits and empowering them. We’ve been crafting and tailoring satellite technologies for the past 30 years, thus it’s only natural for us to operate, maintain and support such solutions. SpaceBridge SatCloud allows the operator to focus on driving the business, rather than worrying about maintenance and operation of complexed satellite systems that need to constantly change in order to satisfy user experience,” Cohen added.