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X2nSat selects LeoSat to support healthcare communications

LeoSat has developed a space-based MPLS network that provides Gigabits of secure connectivity with lower latency for healthcare providers.

X2nSat has selected LeoSat to support new infrastructure solutions for the healthcare industry.

X2nSat currently offers SatBlue, a proprietary line of voice and data communications solutions for the healthcare industry, which allows hospitals and medical office buildings to customise communications solutions based on their existing infrastructure.

LeoSat has developed a space-based MPLS network providing Gigabits of secure connectivity with lower latencies than fibre, for healthcare providers. 

Commenting on the new venture, Garrett Hill, CEO of X2nSat, said: “Technology is crucial to healthcare. With cloud computing and Big Data becoming more and more prominent, healthcare providers are seeking a reliable, disaster-resistant backbone for effective healthcare IT management. Satellite is the missing puzzle piece for the delivery of reliable communication and data connectivity. LeoSat’s high throughput, low latency and highly secure data communications network will enable us to offer new data and voice connectivity solutions and work closely with healthcare providers to create effective disaster preparedness plans.”

“X2nSat’s Las Cruces, New Mexico Satellite Gateway has been designed and optimised for high-throughput satellites, and X2nSat is looking forward to collaborating with LeoSat on how best to deliver the latest generation of solutions to our enterprise customers,” Hill added. 

Commenting on the crucial need LeoSat’s infrastructure,  Michael Abad-Santos, SVP Americas, LeoSat said: “Satellite is often seen as a last resort for enterprise data communications. But with capabilities beyond existing satellite and fiber, including transmission speeds of 5.2 gigabits per second and latency of 20 milliseconds, LeoSat’s infrastructure is what data communications has been waiting for – a game-changing service which realises the synergies of both worlds to re-define connectivity in terms of capacity, latency, security, efficiency and coverage. Using our unique backbone in space we can provide fast and ultra-secure point-to-point data connections to and from anywhere on earth without the need for any terrestrial landings.”