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SpaceX delays launch of next batch of Starlink satellites due to bad weather

The mission will be SpaceX's fourth launch to grow its Starlink mega constellation of satellites, which are designed to provide high-speed broadband internet service from space.
SpaceX has postponed the launch of its next Starlink satellite mission, with liftoff now set for January 27. The company had plans to launch its next 60 Starlink internet satellites earlier this week but delayed the mission due to bad weather at its rocket landing site.
Commenting on the launch delay, SpaceX officials said in a Twitter update: “Weather in the recovery area continues to be unfavourable so the team is now targeting Monday, January 27 for the launch of Starlink, pending Range availability.”
SpaceX has launched 180 satellites into orbit over three launches so far, one in May 2019, the second in November 2019 and the third earlier this month.
The most recent launch on January 6 made SpaceX the operator of the largest satellite constellation in the world.