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SpaceX inks deal with JSX to provide in-flight connectivity

Currently, a Starlink aircraft antenna is installed on a JSX airplane for testing purposes.

SpaceX has signed its first deal to add Starlink satellite internet to an air carrier’s fleet of planes with semi-private charter company JSX.

The company posted the announcement to its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, indicating that its first SpaceX-equipped aircraft will start flying with Starlink’s IFC service this year.

CNBC reported that JSX CEO Alex Wilcox confirmed their agreement with SpaceX covers up to 100 aircraft and is currently pending regulatory approval.

The majority of routes operated by JSX are between airports located in California and southwestern destinations, with a fleet of 77 total Embraer 135s and 145s. The JSX brand is a subsidiary of private charter JetSuite, and focuses on providing short-haul flights at prices that compete with commercial airline business cabin fares. The company previously had committed to becoming the launch customer for the SmartSky Networks IFC service.

SpaceX began testing an aviation-specific version of its Starlink antenna, or terminal, more than a year ago. To date, SpaceX has launched about 2,000 Starlink satellites to support its global network.