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Speedcast expands presence in Saudi Arabia

Speedcast has previously worked in Saudi Arabia with in-country partners, but now has a new teleport facility under construction.

Speedcast has significantly expanded its presence in Saudi Arabia, as major changes to the energy market expand opportunities for producers in the Middle East. Speedcast has long delivered communications services to customers through in-country partners. Speedcast has made significant progress in this market by securing CST’s Internet Service Provider license in Saudi Arabia and across the region. The company now intends to supplement this with additional licenses and permits, which will enable the operations and provisioning of services inside the Kingdom.

Speedcast’s new in-country teleport facility, which will include office and warehouse space, is under construction to host an iDirect hub, and the company is staffing up management and field services personnel to provide installation, operations and maintenance country-wide.

Speaking about the expansion, Joe Spytek, CEO at Speedcast, said: “Being licensed to deliver service in Saudi Arabia will add significant strength and flexibility to our efforts and allow us to serve our customers more effectively. This milestone sets the stage for our expansion plans across the region to further meet demands with the rise in activity. This includes expanding our presence in key Middle East markets while investing in people and platforms locally to serve our valued customers there.”