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Speedcast secures multi-year contract from P&O Maritime Logistics

P&O Maritime Logistics will benefit from the latest version of this cloud-native, re-engineered SIGMA software released by Speedcast in 2023.

Speedcast has announced a multi-year contract award from P&O Maritime Logistics. The contract entails the management of communications onboard 59 support vessels operating across three continents and 12 countries worldwide.

Under the terms of the agreement, Speedcast will leverage its latest SIGMA management and edge computing platform to establish a software-automated network onboard. This network will incorporate a range of cutting-edge solutions, including GEO and LEO VSAT, 5G, and L-band technologies, aimed at delivering unparalleled service experience and reliability.

The SIGMA platform will facilitate the operation of proprietary P&O Maritime Logistics applications as virtual machines, along with the integration of Speedcast’s advanced applications such as next-generation firewalling, enhanced crew internet, and critical voice and remote access. P&O Maritime Logistics will benefit from the latest version of the cloud-native SIGMA software, which was re-engineered and released by Speedcast in 2023. This software is housed on server-grade appliances capable of supporting enterprise-grade SD-WAN and other containerised applications.

Andre Eerland, Vice President of Commercial Maritime at Speedcast, said: “P&O Maritime Logistics is a leading provider of critical logistics support and marine solutions for offshore energy, port services and cargo transportation. We believe they selected Speedcast over the incumbent service provider because we offer the most extensive network, the technical and personnel support infrastructure, and the market-leading software toolset designed for the needs of the maritime sector.”

The SIGMA Ecosystem, managed by Speedcast, will oversee access to the company’s global networks spanning GEO, MEO, LEO, and L-band satellite and LTE, microwave, and fiber technologies. This cloud-based platform offers network optimisation, intelligent path selection, load balancing, link prioritisation, and application steering. With its SD-WAN software, SIGMA ensures continuous monitoring of network paths for availability, throughput, and quality of service, automatically routing traffic through the most optimal path for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Kris Vedat, Head of Technology and Logistics at P&O Maritime Logistics, added: “We look forward to partnering with Speedcast to ensure the highest efficiency of our globally dispersed logistics fleet. This agreement solidifies our confidence in the Speedcast team to deliver on our connectivity requirements, and speaks to the complementary technology goals our organisations both hold for achieving operational success.”