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Starlab Space announces Palantir Technologies as strategic partner

Under the agreement, the companies will use Palantir software to develop a digital twin, or software-based model, of the Starlab station.
Photo credit: Starlab Space

Starlab Space, the US-led global joint venture across Voyager Space, Airbus, Mitsubishi Corporation and MDA Space, has announced Palantir Technologies as a strategic partner. Palantir will become the exclusive supplier of enterprise-wide software data management solutions for the Starlab commercial space station.

Palantir’s AI-driven software enables analysts, users, and decision-makers alike to optimise the entirety of space architecture. Palantir helps deliver cutting-edge, adaptable software solutions from the ground to the edge – helping ensure space capabilities are maximally resilient, effective, and accessible,

Starlab Space and Palantir will leverage data modelling through digital twins and AI technologies to enhance Starlab’s operations throughout the enterprise. The Starlab digital twin will optimise resource allocation, mission planning, and overall system performance, reducing operational costs and streamlining on-board operations for the Starlab crews. Using Palantir’s technology, Starlab will be able to identify potential issues and predict maintenance, helping extend the lifespan of critical components. Ground Predictive Processing will also optimise on-board research by modelling the microgravity environment and completing the pre-launch analysis.

Tim Kopra, CEO of Starlab Space, said: “Palantir’s advanced AI technologies will revolutionise how space stations are managed and operated. Further, Palantir’s expertise in data analytics and predictive modelling will drive innovation and efficiency across our joint venture. Together, we are poised to advance the frontiers of space research and ensure we remain resilient, effective and adaptive as we forge into this new era of commercial space exploration.”

Alexander C. Karp, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Palantir Technologies added: “Starlab is a commercial leader working to solve some of the most complex engineering and operational challenges in the exploration of space. We could not be more enthusiastic about our partnership as we work to extend our competitive edge through the provision of decisive and real-time intelligence around the world and in space.”

The news follows Starlab’s recent expansion to include MDA Space, integrating its industry-leading robotics capabilities and extending the joint venture’s international consortium of strategic and high-profile companies with flight heritage and proven experience, including Voyager Space, Airbus, and Mitsubishi Corporation. The US, European, Japanese, and Canadian partners enable their continuation of the International Space Station partner network via commercial entities.

Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space, stated: “The acceleration of our growing joint venture is exhilarating. We are a global force building a commercial space station for market demands. Voyager and all our partners in Starlab have no intention of slowing down. Our team encompasses the best aerospace corporations globally and now with Palantir, we join with advanced technology leaders that will transform the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of human space exploration.”

In addition to the joint venture partners, Starlab Space has a strategic teaming agreement with Northrop Grumman, a design and experience partnership with Hilton Hotels, and has secured a launch contract with SpaceX for its Starship vehicle.