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STC collaborates with Thales to develop digital solutions for businesses

Both companies will collaborate closely on ICT training provided by STC Academy.
Pascal Lesaulnier, Chairman and CEO of Thales, Saudi Arabia

STC and Thales have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration in various areas, including ICT, AI, cybersecurity, smart cities, IoT, machine connectivity, identity solutions, payment solutions, and 5G satellite solutions.

Through this partnership, STC aims to develop and enhance digital solutions in order to provide its customers with cybersecurity solutions, as well as provide training to enhance digital skills in these technologies through STC Academy.

The MoU signed by the two companies includes investing in digital capabilities in the Kingdom through research, development and innovation. ِAmong the areas of cooperation covered by the MoU are eSIM technologies and national security technologies, especially smart new cities and digital identity and payment solutions. The partnership will involve close collaboration between the two companies in relation to ICT training provided by STC Academy.

Commenting on the agreement, Riyadh Muawad, Chief Business Officer of STC, said: “As the digital enabler in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are interested in building strategic relationships with strategic partners like Thales and are working together to further our digital transformation leadership goals. Through this partnership, we aspire to leverage Thales Group solutions in the areas of cybersecurity, AI, and other digital innovations.”

Pascal Lesaulnier, Chairman and CEO of Thales, Saudi Arabia, said: “Thales is a leading global company in the field of advanced technologies and invests in digital innovations and ‘deep technologies’ such as connectivity, big data, AI, cyber security and quantum computing. Over the past 50 years, the group has had an active presence in the Kingdom in all our areas of expertise. We are very proud of the partnership we have developed with STC over the years. eSim, stcPay and other solutions are a testament to this vital collaboration. This MoU confirms Thales’ commitment to keep integrating and working alongside STC as part of this exciting journey towards digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, in which STC is a key player.”