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STC completes 5G Core Network automatic upgrade test case

STC has deployed deploys agile and automated infrastructure in cooperation with Huawei, which is part of the evolution of Intelligent Telecom Network O&M and the agile network architecture.

STC Group has completed the 5G Core Network functions automatic upgrade test case with Huawei MBB Autonomous Engine (MAE) solution and associated team.

The STC strategy aims to deploy an agile cloud-native, next-generation platform including 5G edge computing, convergent and digital network through a sustainable shortened TTM and optimised TCO approach. As the first practice of the CDCT Use case validation project in KSA, STC Group demonstrated VNF/CNF onboarding and upgrading scenarios with a cloud detector – a simulator to perform automatic function test cases, thus successfully achieving O&M transformation from the NE-centered manual mode to the service-centred adaptive mode.

By exploring the concept of ADN (autonomous driving network) with Huawei, an advanced automatic workflow engine is introduced to orchestrate automation capabilities, such as Agile service Onboarding and tools, for quickly implementing automated process orchestration in scenarios such as NE upgrade, capacity expansion, scaling, and reconstruction.

Furthermore, with the new technology, CDCT AI-based intelligent O&M is introduced, including a unified pipeline engine, orchestrated and self-defined pipeline, workflow visualisation and automatic upgrade. The automated workflow engine effectively solves three core issues: pre-upgrade high-security risks and complex operations associated with manual transferring of software versions; during the upgrade, low efficiency with manual attendance in a short maintenance window; and post-upgrade manual verification of alarms and service validation.

Compared with traditional NE upgrade methods, CDCT provides a unified operational interface to eliminate traditional upgrade breakpoints. Such scenarios of E2E automation will enhance service evolution progress on the live network. Driven by the vision of an authentic autonomous driving network, STC’s and Huawei’s dedication to innovation will enable NFVI infrastructure dynamic orchestration and telco cloud variety of automation scenarios. STC Group and Huawei will continue to innovate in service reliability, agility and automation, bringing advanced and mature business practices to the STC network, which better meets the requirements of various industries, and helps digital telecom transformation better cope with the development of the 5G era.