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STC Group to drive digital transformation of Red Sea Global destinations

STC Group has undertaken this strategic alliance to propel digital and technical advancements within Saudi Arabia's mega projects.
Olayan bin Mohammed Alwetaid, stc group CEO, and John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global

STC Group has inked a significant strategic partnership with Red Sea Global (RSG). This collaboration is set to play a pivotal role in advancing digital technology and empowering tourist destinations along the picturesque Red Sea coast.

The core objective of this agreement is to harness cutting-edge communication technologies and digital services, with a primary focus on delivering seamless and continuous connectivity solutions.

STC Group has undertaken this strategic alliance to propel digital and technical advancements within Saudi Arabia’s mega projects. It entails providing connectivity services to all existing and potential sites in the Red Sea region, ultimately revolutionising the tourism experience in this area.

Red Sea Global, the visionary developer behind some of the Kingdom’s most substantial tourism initiatives, aligns with the ambitious Vision 2030. This vision aims to diversify the economy and create fresh investment prospects. STC Group’s active support in this vital role will transform the Red Sea destination into a technologically advanced tourist hotspot by implementing state-of-the-art digital solutions. These technologies are designed to enrich the quality of life at this critical location, focusing on providing advanced digital services to visitors.

Commenting on the deal, Olayan bin Mohammed Alwetaid, CEO of STC Group, said: “As a key player in the digital transformation of the Kingdom, we are pleased to continue our support by partnering with The Red Sea destination – one of the largest national initiatives. We recognise the significance of this project for the country and are committed to leveraging our expertise to develop it further.”

John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global, added: “From seamless and personalized services for our visitors, to 24/7 monitoring of the environment, technology underpins our vision for The Red Sea and AMAALA. STC’s technology ensures we can meet and exceed the high expectations of our discerning guests, while achieving our ambitions to pioneer regenerative tourism.”

In line with this partnership, STC Group will provide advanced connectivity services to The Red Sea and AMAALA destinations, with the potential for expansion into newly developed areas. These services guarantee uninterrupted connectivity for both destinations, encompassing advanced communication solutions, such as fixed and mobile services with 5G technologies, all facilitated through the group’s data centres.

The collaboration between STC Group and RSG transcends connectivity. Together, the two entities have developed Smart Services to enhance the digital guest experience. This includes smart EV charging, VMS (smart gates), a Marine security command centre, RSG booking engine, and an RSG contact centre. In addition, STC customers will enjoy the benefits of automatic WiFi offloading.”