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STC signs new agreements to expand data centres

With these agreements, STC seeks to enhance the Kingdom's role as a regional hub for cloud computing.

STC has signed partnership agreements with a number of specialised companies in support of establishing a new generation of cloud-based data centres. The operator also recently launched a new data centre in Jeddah as part of the third phase of the data centres project.

These steps aim to expand STC’s capabilities and capacities and accelerate the implementation of the country’s digital transformation goals. Agreements were concluded with SBM, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of data centres using flexible and advanced technologies; Huawei, for supporting data centres by ensuring a flexible flow of data traffic between different technical facilities to maintain business continuity; and MMR, for enhancing the infrastructure of modern data centres.

Through these agreements, STC also seeks to accelerate the stages of advanced digital transformation, consolidate the Kingdom’s role as a regional digital hub for cloud computing that attracts innovation-based technology investments in the region.

In addition, STC inaugurated the new data centre in Jeddah under the third phase of the data centres project. It is the first neutral data centre in the region and its capacity amounts to 1.2 megawatts and 150 server racks. It combines many digital services that ensure fast and secure access to the high capacity local and international network that connects various IGW and MPLS networks.