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STN delivers services with less energy consumption

The STN team will be at CABSAT to discuss the services it offers to MENA clients.

Teleport operator STN offers essential connection and distribution capabilities to help its customers deliver premium content to millions of consumers. A global service provider, STN is now looking at ways to use renewable energy sources, like other businesses around the world concerned about climate change.

As data centres are among the major consumers of electricity, STN has focused on increasing the efficiency of appliances while reducing the usage volume – in this particular case, with the installation of a Socomec Modules Green power 2.0 system 200 kVA/ kW at its data centre in Slovenia.

“The reason was mainly due to the optimisation of required uninterruptible electrical power on consumers with higher efficiency, where older monolithic UPS systems are showing some technological obsolescence with an increased risk of accidental power failure. The aim of the intended change was to also introduce a UPS solution with the latest technology, assuring the highest availability,” commented Jurij Blazin, Technical Director at STN.

“With the increasing and varying demands on teleports and their services, they need to ensure that they use high-grade, efficient and adaptable systems. At STN, we are always technically prepared to meet service requirements and we chose our system wisely when it comes to supporting services for our clients. STN decided to replace the UPS system, which will allow us even greater reliability, scalability and longer life of the device that will power the critical applications and IT infrastructure in the company. The modular design of the UPS system puts the reliability of the device at the highest level. In the next half of the year, we expect to reduce energy consumption by 30% by optimising solutions in our company.”

New UPS technologies in the field of reliable power supply are being developed in response to the requirements for simple and safe upgradeability, greater availability, cost-effectiveness and, last but not least, the requirements for systemic changes in the electricity networks on which each device primarily depends. This is what STN is also focusing on for its UPS room in Slovenia.

Modular UPS devices have recently become quite popular, because they allow adaptation to dynamic changes in power. They help in gradual investment and are compatible with the architecture of other sensitive equipment, since they allow optimal redundant power. A design of modern modular UPS is without a possible common point of failure, based on highly reliable power modules (high MTBF), assures ease of use with fully automatic operation, grants autonomy in upgrading and maintenance during regular operation without affecting consumers, and has the shortest possible repair time (MTTR), along with design for a long lifecycle and insurance for the future compatibility of all system components. All this and more is met by the Modules Green power 2.0 system 200 kVA/kW.

Modules GP 2.0 use power modules in true hot-plug technology with adjustable redundancy and certified MTBF>106 hours. All modules are completely independent and can be switched on or off in the system during normal online operation, without switching consumers to bypass mode.

“In practice, this means that STN’s connected consumers are 100% protected even during system upgrades or maintenance work. With this unique design, the user can easily and safely upgrade the system without the need for specialist knowledge,” commented Anton Bizant, Sales Manager at Socomec.

The HQ in Slovenia, with ongoing technical upgrades, remains a state-of-the-art facility. The STN team will be at CABSAT to discuss the services it offers to MENA clients.