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TDRA holds workshop on aeronautical radio frequency spectrum in GCC

The workshop included training sessions facilitated by a group of lecturers accredited by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) held the workshop “Management and Allocation of Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum in the GCC Countries”, in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and in coordination with the GCC Technical Office for Telecommunications.

The workshop was attended by a group of specialists from the GCC countries, in addition to UAE authorities such as the Ministry of Defense, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), and representatives of airports and airlines in the UAE.

The workshop shed light on the mechanism used by ICAO to allocate air navigation and aviation frequencies and the technical analysis mechanism of these frequencies. It also reviewed the main features of the system used in the process of technical analysis and customization. It focused on the latest methods and systems through which frequencies are allocated, to ensure their use without any interference that may affect air traffic and air safety.

Speaking about the workshop, Eng. Saleh Al Masabi, Director of Spectrum Services at TDRA, said: “The aviation sector is one of the vital sectors that are impacted by TDRA’s scope of work in terms of reliance on aeronautical radio frequencies. We, at TDRA, attach high importance to this sector based on its positive impact on the UAE’s global competitiveness. Hence the importance of this workshop, which benefits workers in the aviation sector, whether in the UAE or in the Gulf countries.”

The workshop included training sessions facilitated by a group of lecturers accredited by ICAO, such as a session on planning and explaining aeronautical frequencies and standards, a session on the current frequency allocation plan in the Middle East, two training sessions on the ICAO frequency identification process in the Middle East, training on the use of the approved electronic system for technical analysis and allocation through pre-prepared scenarios.

The workshop, which was presented by ICAO-accredited experts, included a presentation on the followed procedures for aeronautical radio frequency allocation and the requests’ analysis mechanism. The participants received training on the use of the ICAO electronic system for allocating aeronautical frequencies, ‘Frequency Finder Tools’.

TDRA hosted this workshop as part of its endeavours to develop the capabilities of all stakeholders, provide them with the necessary skills and qualifications, and invest in building capacities and national human cadres in line with the directions of the UAE Government and its future vision. The workshop is also part of the efforts to develop the services provided to the aviation sector in the UAE, facilitate air traffic operations, and support strategic partners in the aviation sector to carry out their tasks and maintain the UAE’s leading position in this field.