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Terran Orbital completes order for SDA’s Tranche 0 Transport Layer

Terran Orbital will continue to support Lockheed Martin for the NDSA, with a contract to build 42 satellites for the Tranche 1 Transport Layer.

Terran Orbital Corporation has announced the delivery of the final 10 satellite buses to prime contractor Lockheed Martin in support of the Space Development Agency’s (SDA) Tranche 0 Transport Layer.

The delivery of the 10 Tranche 0 buses proves Terran Orbital’s ability to build modules and deliver vehicles at scale – marking the company’s shift from lower quantity, mission-unique satellites to robust production. Terran Orbital delivered the satellite buses at a rate greater than one per week over an approximately six-week period.

Terran Orbital Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Marc Bell, said: “The delivery of all 10 Tranche 0 satellite buses marks a key milestone, and we are excited to continue effective teamwork as Terran Orbital will also design and build the buses for Lockheed Martin’s SDA Tranche 1 Transport Layer satellites. We are always thrilled to work with Lockheed Martin and look forward to delivering the Tranche 1 satellite buses.”

The Tranche 0 constellation, operating in low-Earth Orbit, will provide secure high-bandwidth, low-latency data links to enable the initial warfighting capability of the SDA’s National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA). This beyond-line-of-sight tracking, targeting, and communications will dramatically extend U.S. warfighting options and allow additional coalition and allied partners to eventually bring their capabilities into the network.