Thales Alenia Space creates Space Business Catalyst

This initiative facilitates the emergence of new players within an ecosystem at the forefront of New Space.
Photo credit: Thales Alenia Space/ Laurent Barranco

Thales Alenia Space has announced the creation of the Space Business Catalyst, an industry accelerator dedicated to the space sector to coincide with the Assises du New Space opening in Paris on July 5.

The Space Business Catalyst is a first and is designed to explore, create and secure the conditions needed for the emergence of new players in the space sector by supporting the development of disruptive projects. As an industry accelerator, the Space Business Catalyst supports intrapreneurs and startups during their early growth phase and helps them define and implement their industrial scale-up strategies. This agile structure facilitates the emergence of solutions likely to generate a genuine market dynamic, technological breakthroughs and new avenues of development for existing solutions.

The Space Business Catalyst was launched in 2023 to strengthen and develop Thales Alenia Space’s strategy, focused on providing selective, qualitative support for innovative projects that will nurture future markets.

Based in Toulouse and Turin, the Space Business Catalyst’s 4,300 sq. ft facilities are already hosting some 10 startups and intrapreneurs from all over the world. Working with entrepreneurship experts, Thales Alenia Space has designed a support programme that offers technical, commercial, relational and financial support for project leaders, giving them an exceptional opportunity to build strategic collaborations with a major player in the space industry. The Space Business Catalyst is in line with Thales Alenia Space’s Space For Life vision to integrate projects that are especially conducive to the development of responsible space, such as modular space infrastructure and space’s contribution to sustainable finance.

Vincent Clot, Business and Open Innovation Director at Thales Alenia Space, said: “The Space Business Catalyst promises much more than a traditional accelerator. Having established strategic partnerships with Axiom, BlackSky, Space Cargo, Omnispace, Kinéis, Anywaves, Geoflex and SpaceLocker, Thales Alenia Space has become the go-to partner for strategic long-term alliances and shaping the future of space. We’re committed to attracting top talent by offering opportunities to innovate within an ecosystem at the forefront of the sector.”

The Space Business Catalyst is fully in line with the ethos of the Assises du New Space forum in Paris, which takes place on July 5 and 6. This event is a chance for French space organisations to discuss and build around the challenges and opportunities ahead in space. The strategic, high-impact space sector is now more accessible, offering a host of technological and business opportunities for all stakeholders.