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ThinKom develops prototype for next-generation NGSO satellite user terminals

The low-cost user terminal is based on ThinKom patented antenna technology, aimed at consumer and enterprise markets.

ThinKom Solutions has unveiled a low-cost, lightweight prototype user terminal for the emerging multi-billion-dollar consumer and enterprise satellite communication markets. The ThinWave Ku13 user terminal will be on display at the upcoming Satellite 2020 Conference in Washington, DC, from March 9-12 (Booth 323).

ThinKom’s new user terminal design is a compact, lightweight unit that promises to offer spectral efficiency, beam agility and switching speeds to work efficiently on satellites in low-Earth orbit (LEO), medium-Earth orbit (MEO) and highly elliptical orbit (HEO).

The new user terminal is built on ThinKom’s patented CTS parallel plate flat-panel antenna technology, which has been field-proven and deployed by government and commercial users across the globe.

ThinKom has worked closely with a Tier 1 contract manufacturer to incorporate proven high-volume manufacturing processes and materials that have reduced manufacturing costs without compromising performance in terms of spectral efficiency, reliability and constellation interoperability.

The full-duplex antenna terminals boast 60% lower profile and 75% lighter weight as compared to traditional parabolic dishes of comparable performance. ThinKom’s user terminals allegedly reduce both installation costs and maintenance costs.

Commenting on the technology, Bill Milroy, Chief Technology Officer of ThinKom Solutions, said: “Based on the very successful proof-of-concept project, we have launched Ku- and Ka-band product development efforts for both fixed and mobile NGSO user terminals. We are moving ahead aggressively in our development programs to take the fullest advantage of these new satellites with a simple, low-cost, easy-to-deploy user terminal.”