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UAE and Egypt to advance cooperation in space sector

Al-Badawi and the UAE Space Agency have agreed to enhance strategic cooperation and advance shared goals that inspire a new cadre of scientists, engineers and technologists.

Sherif Mohamed Fouad Al-Badawi, Egypt’s Ambassador to the UAE, visited the UAE Space Agency to discuss cooperation in all space-related fields and the objectives of the Arab Space Cooperation Group.

The meeting also explored the opportunities to strengthen ties across science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as facilitating new growth partnerships between the public and private sector.

The UAE and Egypt have a deep and mutually beneficial relationship with close cultural, economic and investment ties. The meeting represented an opportunity to deepen cooperation and strategic integration in the space industry and advance the transition towards innovation-driven economies.

Al Badawi and the UAE Space Agency agreed to continue to enhance strategic cooperation to build on the strong UAE-Egypt ties and advance shared goals that inspire a new cadre of scientists, engineers and technologists.

During the meeting, the latest developments related to the Arab Space Cooperation Group were discussed. It followed Morocco’s decision to ratify the basic charter in Abu Dhabi last month. The Arab Space Cooperation Group is a regional space-focused entity established in March 2019. Egypt was one of its founding members.

Chaired by the UAE Space Agency, it is responsible for coordinating regional space efforts among 14 member states: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq and Mauritania.

The group aims to encourage and coordinate regional cooperation in the space sector. It includes harmonising regulations among space authorities, adopting a unified position at regional and international forums, and guiding joint initiatives for comprehensive collaboration and multilateral progress and innovation.