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UAE and Philippines to collaborate on space exploration

The co-operation comes as the UAE's space programme advances and the Philippines gets more active in building a space programme.

Space agencies of the UAE and the Philippines have met to discuss possible collaborations between them, as the two countries marked 47 years of bilateral relations.

Officials from the UAE Space Agency met the Philippines’ ambassador to the UAE, Hjayceelyn Quintana, along with a delegation from the country’s space authority to consider areas of co-operation.

Speaking about the co-operation, Ibrahim Al Qasim, Space Science Advisor, UAE Space Agency said: “Space sector collaborations are essential for both the UAE and the Philippines. As our two countries accelerate the growth and increase investments into this exciting yet nascent industry, there will be many opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas as we work together to create new avenues for space-based innovation. The long-standing strategic bilateral relationship between the UAE and the Philippines is grounded in a shared collaborative spirit and a shared commitment to empower talent and foster an entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to expanding our horizons through potential joint space exploration programmes and initiatives that accelerate economic diversification by scaling up expertise in cutting-edge new industries.”

The co-operation comes as the UAE’s space programme is advancing. The Arab world’s first lunar rover, Rashid, is set to land on the Moon in 2022. The UAE also has 12 satellites in orbit, with another six in development.

Hjayceelyn M Quintana, added: “As we reflect on the adventures of the Philippines and the UAE in space, we see two nascent programmes but one united vision. What better way to commemorate the 47th year anniversary of our important diplomatic relations than by bringing together our space agencies to meet, share knowledge and expertise, and discover what we can achieve together. I consider it a distinct honour to be a part of this historic inaugural meeting and chart a new frontier in our strategic partnership which, like space, is of limitless possibilities.”

The UAE and the Philippines have a deep and long-standing partnership built on decades of mutual collaboration and cooperation across a wide range of strategically important industries. Both nations have bold and ambitious national roadmaps for space exploration and see great value in sharing knowledge and expertise. Exploring the latest developments in space science and advanced technologies can create highly-skilled talent, build local industries and create a knowledge and innovation-based economy.