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UAE Space Agency launches Space Economic Survey 2022

The survey will focus on the number of companies working in the sector, foreign investment and the total spending on space projects.
Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency

The UAE Space Agency has launched a survey to measure how the space sector has contributed to the national economy.

Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency, said the UAE, guided by the vision of its wise leadership, has placed the space industry among its top priorities for the next 50 years.

Al Amiri stated this at a conference to announce the launch of the Space Economic Survey 2022, developed as part of a strategic partnership between the UAE Space Agency (UAESA) and the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC).

The survey also involved the contribution of national establishments operating in the sector, including government entities, and the private sector, as well as academic and research establishments operating in space technology and communications in the UAE.

As the government announces more space projects and the number of private space companies increases in the UAE, the agency wants to carry out an extensive study of the sector.

The survey will also explore efforts to invest in research and development and space exploration, as well as the number of people employed in the sector.

She asserted the importance of uniting the efforts of the government and private sector to ensure the success of the Space Economic Survey 2022, a national initiative that uses knowledge and data to develop the UAE’s space economy. She also lauded the vital role played by communications, space technology establishments and academic centres involved in space research, as well as the critical role of government entities and establishments that employ space technology to serve society and implement development projects.

Salem Al Qubaisi, Director-General of the UAE Space Agency, stated: “The Space Economic Survey 2022 seeks to measure the performance of the space sector in the UAE, form a clear picture about the framework of this strategic sector that has exceptional cadres, and actively contribute to consolidating the UAE’s position as a global hub for attracting talents, investment, and innovation.”

Al Qubaisi noted that commercial spending in the space sector in the UAE between 2015 and 2020 amounted to AED10.9bn, while contractual agreements for space services and applications increased by 40% during 2020. He voiced the UAESA’s gratitude and appreciation to all government and private sector parties, which contributed to the success of this vital national project.

Hanan Mansour Ahli, Director of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC), noted: “The Space Economic Survey 2022 is a vital cognitive tool that uses data to develop the space sector in the UAE, evaluate its current status, and support decision-making and the drafting of policies that contribute to the development and sustainability of the space sector in the UAE. This is in addition to developing the role of national industries based on knowledge and high-level skills and incentivising investments in them.

“Around 3,100 engineers, technicians, and specialists work at more than 80 entities and companies in the space industry in the UAE, and they play a vital role in the survey’s success. The output will serve as a true compass for the UAE space economy, and enhance the country’s performance in international competitiveness reports and indicators related to space and high-tech industries,” she added.

During the event, Al Amiri offered a gesture of appreciation from the UAE government to its partner establishments and entities for their role in supporting this industry and participation in the Space Economic Survey. In addition, in cooperation with the FCSC, the UAESA held an introductory session and technical workshop for government and private establishments in the space sector, shedding light on the importance of the survey, its implementation stages, how to participate in it, and its desired results on a domestic and international level.