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UAE Space Agency organises events to observe the solar eclipse

Public events have been organised in collaboration with observatories throughout the UAE for the solar phenomenon which will be visible from the UAE for the first time since 1847.

The UAE Space Agency is organising and sponsoring events to observe the solar eclipse across the UAE, in partnership with several observatories, to allow citizens and residents to watch the solar eclipse taking place on December 26 at 7 am (07:00 GST time).

The UAE Space Agency has organised several events in collaboration with Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomical Centre, the Thuraya Astronomical at the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, coupled with another event organised in collaboration with Emirates Mobile Observatory at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. All three events are open to the public and free of charge.

The solar eclipse will be visible in some regions of the UAE for roughly three minutes. The annular eclipse phase will start when the Moon rises, as it completes its total transit in front of the Sun.

The UAE Space Agency has warned residents of the UAE about the risks looking directly looking at the sun without proper eye protection, or viewing the eclipse through regular sunglasses, an unfiltered camera lens, a telescope, binoculars or any other optical device, even if it is provided with a solar filter.

Looking directly at solar eclipses can cause severe damage to the eyes. The UAE Space Agency has also stressed the importance of taking the necessary safety measures by following the general safety guidelines while observing the eclipse, including using solar filters or solar eclipse glasses that are no older than three years, scratch free, and have the name and address of the manufacturer.

Commenting on the solar eclipse, Mohammed Al Ahbabi, Director General of UAE Space Agency, said: “Happening in the UAE for the first time since 1847, the annular solar eclipse will be closely monitored by various space and astronomy related entities across the UAE. Sponsoring these events comes in line with the UAE Space Agency’s efforts to achieve its strategic goals of raising awareness about the national space sector, along with other space and astronomical activities that the UAE is hosting.”