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WTA announces new research initiative

Teleport Business Benchmarks study to set financial, operating ratios

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has announced a new research initiative, Teleport Business Benchmarks. This new study seeks to develop a set of industry-wide financial and operating ratios for independent commercial teleport operations.

According to WTA Executive Director Robert Bell, the benchmarks will give teleport operators a way to gauge the revenue and profitability performance of their companies as well as their financial efficiency, compared with an average ratio of peers around the world. The benchmarks, according to Bell, will offer “essential help with investment, acquisition and divestiture decisions.”

“Most companies in the teleport sector are privately held. This creates a challenge for owners and executives who want to compare their financial and operating ratios to the rest of the industry,” he said.

“We know how our members will value having access to industry-wide comparables. We also know that the only way for us to produce this is from proprietary financial data that our members agree to share with us in confidence. Like so much that we do, this is made successful by our members. Their willingness to participate helps them and the entire industry.”

WTA will be soon begin contacting members to request data for use in this study. All information will be kept proprietary. As with other industry studies the association has produced, only averages and aggregates will be published.