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Yahsat’s government division enhances network management experience

The multi-vendor NMS/OSS platform is designed to complement the wealth of services offered by Yahsat.
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Yahsat Government Solutions (YGS), the government arm of the UAE-based satellite services operator, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company, has deployed the DataMiner platform to manage and control some of their networks.

Its first-hand understanding of specific market requirements on local, regional and global scales has enabled Yahsat to develop and launch satellite solutions for the government and the commercial sectors across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Australasia.

YGS has selected the solution to manage and streamline operations over a few of its networks with remote terminals deployed worldwide. The multi-vendor NMS/OSS platform is designed to complement the services offered by Yahsat.

“Our dynamic satellite network is built to deliver reliable, resilient and fully managed services. DataMiner helps guarantee end-to-end monitoring and control of our teleports and remote terminals. The 360° visibility and control are fundamental to our business, which is continuously evolving in this competitive landscape,” said Daniel Griffiths, VP of Design and Systems Engineering at Yahsat.

“Easy-to-use alarm status overviews with actionable insights, and historical and predictive analytics are just a handful of the indispensable capabilities we expect from a professional and proven NMS/OSS system.”