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Yahsat’s Yahclick broadband service launches in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe launch follows the successful rollout of YahClick in Ghana, the DRC, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon in September, after also arriving in Burundi earlier this year. 
Farhad Khan, CCO, Yahsat.

YahClick, the satellite broadband service of UAE-based global satellite operator Yahsat, has officially launched in Zimbabwe. The service was unveiled during a press conference in the country’s capital, Harare, where the company also announced its partnership with official Service Partner, Utande, a subsidiary of Dandemutande Investments. With the introduction of YahClick, Zimbabwe’s broadband users have been promised access to affordable, uninterrupted, high-speed broadband connectivity.

Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered substantial economic losses in recent years due to frequent internet breakdowns that directly affect fixed, wireless, and mobile internet connectivity. Underdeveloped ICT infrastructure is among the factors that reduce economic growth by two percentage points every year, while cutting business productivity across the continent by as much as 40%. In Zimbabwe, the ICT sector has been underserved for many years due to several challenges. In urban areas, access to reliable Internet services is expensive, while internet penetration remains at approximately 51.9%.

With the introduction of YahClick, this is to change for the better. YahClick uses the Ka-band powered by High Throughput Satellite (HTS) spot beam technology, allowing Yahsat to deliverhigh performance satellite broadband services via smaller dishes. This significantly reduces the CAPEX required to build satellite-based connectivity infrastructure, enabling YahClick to elevate the digital offering in Zimbabwe and support the country in unlocking its full economic and social potential.

“Yahsat is the first operator to introduce Ka-band satellite broadband in Africa, and as the leaders within this domain, we aim to continuously increase YahClick’s adoption across the continent.We strongly believe that high-speed, reliable broadband connectivity is one of the key facilitators of economic and social progress for African nations,” commented Farhad Khan, Chief Commercial Officer, Yahsat.

“YahClick is ideally placed to bring the transformational benefits of reliable, always-on broadband within reach of all businesses and communities to help advance the country’s ICT sector. We are excited with the prospect of playing a role in empowering the country socially and economically and look forward to doing so with our local Service Partner Dandemutande,” added Khan.

The Zimbabwe launch follows the successful rollout of YahClick in Ghana, the DRC, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon in September, after also arriving in Burundi earlier this year.

“YahClick’s cutting edge technology through Ka-band is highly reliable, working seamlessly across all levels of the telecommunications infrastructure,” commented Dandemutande CEO Never Ncube.“By introducing YahClick with its exceptional track record on the continent, Utande is playing its part in spreading dependable Internet connectivity further across the country.

Yahsat launched its flagship service, YahClick, in Africa in 2012. It was the first operator to introduce HTS Ka-Band satellite broadband technology to the continent through Yahsat’s Al Yah 2 satellite. Following the successful launch earlier this year, and the recent commercial readiness of the company’s third satellite, Al Yah 3, YahClick’s footprint has extended to 19 additional markets in Africa including Zimbabwe.

This expansion is part of Yahsat’s commitment to deliver affordable, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to underserved parts of the world.