Better connectivity with LEO

Vijaya Cherian, Editor, SatellitePro ME.

I have been hearing about low earth orbit satellites for a while now but it’s not until I had a chat with people from different parts of the same sector that I was able to comprehend the magnitude of what this new ring around the earth could mean for the world in terms of connectivity. No doubt, the challenges with LEO constellations will be many. With small satellites having a lifespan of just three to five years, there will be a need to continuously replenish them and with the current lead time to launch a satellite being between six and two years, one believes there is tremendous opportunity in this market for those who see it and seize it.

LEO satellites and how they will dramatically boost 5G in the coming years is only one of the many discussions that will take place at CommunicAsia, which is one of the three segments under the ConnecTechAsia brand in Singapore this year. We will be there and look forward to having conversations with you on new trends in the market and how all of us can work together.

On another note, there has been a lot of activity in the UAE space sector with the Mars mission making progress, a new home-made satellite design being reviewed and the first Emirati astronaut programme gradually taking shape. The UAE is looking to boost its space sector and we had the opportunity to speak with the agency’s Director General as well as the former NASA Administrator and European Space Agency Director. Some of those video interviews are featured on our web site. I encourage you to subscribe to our online newsletter so news can reach your desktop as they break. This is my first issue of SatellitePro so I hope you enjoy reading it but I promise to bring more new elements to it in the coming months. See you in Singapore.

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