Exploring how AI will turn the satellite world around

While space majors around the world are looking to leverage AI to revolutionise connectivity, the UAE also now has one entity at its doorstep.
Vijaya Cherian, Editorial Director, SatellitePro ME.

Welcome to the CABSAT edition of SatellitePro Middle East. Just as we were heading to press, we learnt that Bayanat and Yahsat had finalised their plans to merge, and thought it apt to run an interview with Karim Sabbagh, head of the new entity SPACE42, for this issue.

Speaking of 42, some of you may be familiar with Douglas Adams’ famous science-fiction novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In his story, when the supercomputer Deep Thought is asked by the two programmers Fook and Lunkwill what the answer to the “Great Question [of ] Life, the Universe and Everything” is, it responds that it will need seven-and-a-half million years to provide an apt response.

At the end of that period, Deep Thought’s response is the number forty-two — delivered ‘with infinite majesty and calm’. Since then, 42 has humorously been associated worldwide with ‘the answer to life, the universe, and everything’.

But what’s the connection with SPACE42? While there’s no direct correlation, we like to think that just as the number 42 has become synonymous with profound understanding, SPACE42 will herald a new era in the UAE with its use of AI to unlock solutions to many of the challenges we face today on Earth. The UAE entity aims to democratise space applications, making them accessible and affordable for widespread societal impact.

Within the satellite industry, the possible synergy with AI offers a future with boundless potential. A related feature we have done in this edition shows how global satellite majors are embarking on their own AI journeys, seeking to navigate the complexities of busy orbits and streamlining operations for a more efficient future.

This union holds great promise to revolutionise the way we experience connectivity today and address global challenges. So, as we journey forward, let us embrace the endless opportunities that await us at the intersection of satellite and AI.