How software has changed the dynamics of the satellite industry

Operators might be able to transform the satellite market with software-defined satellites, but several challenges remain.
Vijaya Cherian, Editorial Director, SatellitePro ME.

The satellite industry is going through a dramatic reset that will rewrite the parameters that previously defined it. Traditionally, satellites have been expensive and preconfigured to operate in specific markets. Their lack of flexibility and the inability to reorient capacity or enable the dynamic allocation of resources according to market conditions or changing business landscapes have made sceptics question the future of traditional satellites and if this industry will slowly fade into oblivion for lack of innovation.

We couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Every article in this issue of SatellitePro points to the critical role that satellites play in various industries whether they be in broadcast, in education and digitalisation or in communications. Satellite prevails especially in underserved areas, where other technologies have failed to forge a path.

What, however, is truly giving this industry a fresh lease of life is the addition of the software element to all new satellites in development.

Software-defined satellites (SDS) allow you to redirect capacity and reshape throughput according to the need of the hour, and this opens up a whole spectrum of new opportunities for solution providers, businesses, end users and everyone else in the chain.

With these satellites, solution providers are now going back to the drawing table and revisiting their product offerings. And while there are several challenges that still need to be addressed, all players recognise that software-defined satellites are changing the game. Our cover story paints the whole picture for you.

But if you’re looking for additional information and are heading to IBC, you will hear more about opportunities within this space with the newly deployed Eutelsat Quantum or Arabsat’s 7A that is now in development among others. See you in Amsterdam.