What to expect in 2024

The greatest potential for global connectivity lies in the ability to seamlessly operate within a standardised, cloud-enabled, multi-domain telecom framework.
Don Claussen, President and CEO, ST Engineering iDirect

We expect to see more consolidation within the industry as it continues its evolution. There’s no way to build the future of satellite communications without integrating our technologies into a shared digital ecosystem. Moving forward, we can expect more debate around the adoption of standards, which must happen if we are to succeed with our seamless multi-orbit future. The most significant opportunities to provide worldwide connectivity are achievable only if they interoperate in a global, multi-domain, cloud-enabled, standards-based telecom model.

We’ll also continue to see the obsession over speed and efficiency in our sector transition to completely new challenges – ones of virtualisation, standardisation, orchestration, interoperability and the unification of technologies to establish one cohesive connectivity landscape.

ST Engineering iDirect’s focus is on pioneering interoperable solutions that integrate space- and terrestrial-based communications systems, abstracting network transitions for the end user while allowing operators to manage networks at scale.

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