ETL Systems showcases 1U Genus modular chassis at CABSAT 2021

The company will be exhibiting the latest RF distribution product at the event.

As the satellite landscape changes, ETL, which is at the forefront of innovations in satellite ground segment technology, will showcase its 1U Genus RF distribution modular chassis at CABSAT.

This compact, multi-functional ground-segment technology has been designed to make the leap to MEO and LEO constellations possible, in terms of both performance and cost. The 1U chassis enables multi-functional RF modules to be housed within one habitat, including Falcon frequency converters, Alto amplifiers and Stingray RF over fibre.

The interchangeable, hot-swappable active components are critical for the new ground station architecture, where signal handling requirements are constantly changing and equipment failure needs to be dealt with immediately. The design of Genus allows satellite operators to improve link budgets, decreases rack space requirements, delivers scalability and resilience, and improves flexibility. This combination of innovative, reliable design and versatility ultimately delivers a lower cost to customers, a critical factor in the emerging LEO and HTS ground segment designs.

ETL will also showcase the Hawk 8×8 RF Matrix. The extended L-band (500-2450MHz) Hawk Matrix is ideally suited for RF signal routing at LEO and MEO gateways, as well as small HTS ground stations and deployable VSAT terminals. It has capacity for two 8×8 matrix cards – which can be combining (fan-in) or distributive (fan-out) – for uplink and downlink applications. It can be fitted with any combination of cards, depending on application, but is ideally suited for smaller gateways with multiple modems and one or two antennas.

Mohamad Barada, RF Systems Architect & International Sales Manager, said: “I am looking forward to showing off ETL’s products to existing and potential new clients at CABSAT 2021.”

Stand G2-25