Forsway to demo Xtend FRM Multicast satellite solution at CABSAT

Forsway will share a stand with partner KenCast at the event.

Forsway will feature demonstrations of its Forsway Xtend Multicast FRM (Forsway Reliable Multicast) solution at CABSAT 2023, Dubai. Network agnostic, Forsway Xtend Multicast FRM can be run over virtually any IP network, including networks experiencing long outages.

Additionally, the technology provider will show its Forsway Xtend hybrid satellite extension ecosystem. Xtend provides operators and service providers with smart, easy-to-roll-out broadband connectivity services for underserved regions, alongside its benchmark low-cost Odin F-50 and Odin F-60 satellite terminals.

Hybrid satellite extension provides smart connectivity for operators.

Forsway will share a stand with partner KenCast at CABSAT and will be available during the event to highlight how the partners have integrated KenCast Fazzt content delivery multicast solution with Forsway’s satellite broadband technology and hardware to provide a cost-savvy solution for underserved segments with poor connectivity.

Tobias Forsell, CEO at Forsway, said: “Forsway has developed unique technology and user equipment based on a benchmark hybrid model for tapping satellite broadband and existing terrestrial networks for service providers and operators to provide easy-to-deploy, and highly cost-effective internet connectivity to regions that experience no or insufficient connectivity.

“At CABSAT, we are highlighting how Forsway’s cost-efficient products and solutions can enable improved broadband access in underserved regions, continues Forsell. We are pleased to also have the opportunity to highlight our joint multicast solution with partner KenCast.”

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