Iridium introduces GO! exec

The Iridium GO! exec is based on Iridium Certus technology.

Iridium Communications has unveiled the firm’s most capable, ultra-portable solution for global connections to all smartphones, tablets and laptops – a new class of personal satellite communication device called the Iridium GO! exec

Building upon the success of the original Iridium GO!, introduced in 2014, the Iridium GO! exec is based on Iridium Certus technology and provides faster data speeds at a size, weight, power and price-point unheard of in the satellite industry. It’s for connecting remote workers, NGO personnel, government employees, first responders, GA pilots, sailors and everyday adventurers, helping them to stay connected and productive from anywhere.

The Iridium GO! exec can fit in a backpack, on the glareshield of a personal aircraft, and be easily carried from the boat to the beach or from the jeep into the field. Multiple users can wirelessly connect their smart devices over Wi-Fi or by using the built-in ethernet port to connect wired devices to the internet.

Iridium CEO Matt Desch said: “When we launched the Iridium GO! nine years ago, our vision was to allow anyone with a smartphone to stay connected when they were off the grid. We’ve now turbocharged that capability with the Iridium GO! exec.  There’s nothing like this device for businesses, governments or consumers that want to stay productive beyond terrestrial coverage.”

Loaded with new features, the Iridium GO! exec will function as a standalone device to make calls using its built-in speakerphone or initiate an SOS call if the user’s smart device runs out of power. It works with popular messaging, email, and other native applications well-known to users. It provides extended usage on the go and can even be used as a power bank to charge a smartphone or tablet directly with a dedicated USB-C power output.

Custom applications can also be developed for the Iridium GO! exec using an Iridium-provided API, with developers already working on Iridium GO! exec versions of some apps popular with Iridium GO! users. An external antenna and fixed-install kit for boats and remote locations is also available to order, with additional accessories expected in the coming months.