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Paradigm to feature MANTA at Satellite 2019

MANTA operates straight ‘out-of-the-box’ for Deploy & Go satcoms or can be quickly fitted to any vehicle (land or sea) for comms-on-the-move.

This year at Satellite 2019, Paradigm is showcasing its new MANTA terminal, a comms-on-the-go and comms-on-the-pause self-pointing single case terminal.

The MANTA is a complete solution for ‘anywhere’ IP data connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet by just adding power – satcom made simple. MANTA is versatile and operates straight ‘out-of-the-box’ for simple Deploy & Go satcoms or can be quickly fitted to any vehicle (land or sea) for comms-on-the-move.

The MANTA uses software beam forming for satellite acquisition and tracking; the on-board PIM provides an optimised satellite service requiring no specialist skills to offer easy, high speed data service anywhere.

The MANTA is Paradigm’s latest PIM-enabled terminal providing rapid, high-speed connectivity from a single case. Rugged, versatile and discreet, it serves as a complete solution providing integrated RF, modem and terminal control, as well as a handheld or dash-mounted ‘Remote’ for live beam heading, signal strength and system status and control info.

Paradigm’s other PIM-enabled terminals include the ‘internet in a backpack’ SWARM and the flyaway CONNECT100T and HORNET range; both terminals integrate the PIM to point the antenna.

At Satellite 2019, videos of all Paradigm’s PIM-enabled terminals will be available to view on Booth #938 with both the SWARM and MANTA available for attendees to be hands-on with.

Ongoing booth activities will include demonstrations of the straightforward operation of the PIM, with attendees able to experience how easily the onboard visual and optional audio cues guide the user during the pointing process for our flyaway terminals. Live ‘on-vehicle’ demos of the MANTA are also planned during the event.

Booth 938