SatADSL neXat platform to redefine hub services

In addition to demonstrating the neXat platform, SatADSL plans to announce a major collaboration with a regional partner at CABSAT.
Rajeev Nair, Senior Vice President APAC at SatADSL

At CABSAT, SatADSL plans to announce a major collaboration with a regional partner. The new partnership will enable SatADSL to offer its services in the MENA and APAC region as it adds satellite coverage to that already available covering Latin America and Africa (partially also the Middle East).

SatADSL will demonstrate the power of its neXat platform, which it believes can “help redefine hub services and overcome certain limitations without any CAPEX”. It helps ISPs simplify their business by offering a one-stop solution for customer and service management. It is reportedly a unique platform and the first aggregator of its type.

The neXat platform will develop as a marketplace for capacity as it grows and more operators connect to it, according to SatADSL. By enabling them to enter new markets for the first time more efficiently and without CAPEX, operators looking to expand their reach into new markets will find neXat useful. The company believes that teleport operators will also realise the benefit of being a part of this platform.

“Operators usually may offer their own hub and modem technology. Through SatADSL’s platform neXat, the operator may offer multiple kinds of bandwidth management optimisation service independent of the technology at their hub(s), such as contended or volume-based access and VNOFlex. neXat can enhance the native capability of any satellite hub. neXat also enables teleports to reach out to a broader range of ISPs, helping them to fully utilise their network capacity,” commented Rajeev Nair, Senior Vice President APAC at SatADSL.

SatADSL calls CABSAT significant for both the markets it is addressing – the Middle East and Asia Pacific. “APAC is the region we are currently targeting as for expansion region. SatADSL started in Africa, then grew to Latin America and as our plans are to be global, we are currently putting all efforts into the Middle East and APAC region,” added Nair.

In the meantime, SatADSL has also launched a new service called eMarketplace, a one-stop shop to simplify the process of choosing satellite services. It enables teleport operators, ISPs and end users to purchase specific capacity and associated services depending on their own individual needs, and allows service providers to buy capacity outside of their existing coverage in the fastest time possible. For example, a service provider is working on a global network project (e.g., an NGO or embassy). Traditionally, it would take several weeks or months for the service provider to identify service providers across the globe, negotiate prices, get the hardware sizing for each site, sign multiple contracts and order hardware. The same thing can now be done on eMarketplace instantly and simplifies the sales process for service providers.

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