Speedcast launches new model of SIGMA Universal Remote

Enhanced network management platform bridges the future of networking with SD-WAN, over-the-air upgrade features, and edge applications.

With a new architecture for its Universal Remote, Speedcast has launched a new model of its SIGMA network management platform.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the enhanced SIGMA platform makes connectivity path management and network control simpler, faster, and more economical. An AWS-qualified platform, SIGMA’s new architecture spotlights Speedcast’s approach to network management. It removes complexity and cost for operations and gives users complete transparency and control of their networks. Built-in traffic and policy management provides users with real-time bandwidth monitoring and the ability to control and prioritise data usage for critical applications over crew welfare or other remote site requirements.

From the intuitive user interface to intelligent and secure network switching, the enhanced SIGMA streamlines the complexities of diverse connectivity paths, making the concept of 100% uptime a reality for customers with critical operations or remote business requirements.

SIGMA’s newly released feature sets enable customers to seamlessly incorporate new technologies and communications paths as they launch, including low-Earth-orbit (LEO) and medium-Earth-orbit (MEO) satellite constellations. Customers can seamlessly layer any connectivity path, including Starlink and OneWeb, to their existing corporate network, optimising application performance and offering robust edge security.

The SIGMA platform is being implemented as part of a multi-path, multi-orbit connectivity solution for a Europe-based logistics and transport company with a fleet of cable-laying vessels. The ability to support a significantly expanded number of WANs with a full enterprise SD-WAN suite that enables smart load balancing, QoS, WAN switching, and the next-generation firewall has driven increased interest in the enhanced SIGMA platform. The network management solution was also recently deployed for a Singapore-based ship management company and a North America-based tanker fleet.

Speaking about the new launch, Joe Spytek, CEO at Speedcast, said: “Demand for highly diverse networks and seamless integration with third-party VSAT services, such as Starlink and OneWeb, has been a major sales driver for us.  Our SIGMA Universal Remote brings together the full suite of enablers for extensive multi-path network management.”

In addition, the platform includes Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cloud-native technology for added network security through a Zero Trust approach, which validates users and device access to applications anywhere in the world.

Spytek added: “This is just the beginning. Being cloud-native, the SIGMA platform is highly scalable and can speed up our time-to-market to bring customers edge applications that will make a difference for their remote operations. We’re working to prioritize new features on SIGMA so we can deliver value to customers faster and help them accelerate their operations.”

Speedcast will be in attendance at the Satellite Conference and Exhibition 2023 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

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