ST Engineering iDirect to introduce multi-carrier satellite gateway at IBC

The system also benefits from over-the-air updates rather than suspending services to carry them out manually.

ST Engineering iDirect will be launching its new MCX8000 multi-carrier satellite gateway at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam.

The MCX8000 enables broadcasters to cater for every type of broadcast scenario, including high IP encapsulation rates for Over the Top (OTT) applications.

The MCX8000 is a high-density, high availability and fully redundant modular system that is suitable for a variety of broadcast use cases. These include direct-to-home broadcasting, where bringing quality content to the largest possible subscriber base with high reliability is key. The MCX8000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway is highly bandwidth efficient, thus maximizing the throughput. It utilizes the DVB-S, DVB-S2, or DVB-S2X standard, assuring highly reliable transport stream delivery.

In Distribution to Towers (DTT), the MCX8000 fits as a satellite front-end, feeding multiple Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs), and one MCX8000 in a multi-carrier, multi-stream configuration can be used for hundreds of TV channels.

For OTT delivery, the MCX8000’s high IP encapsulation rates and efficient multicast capabilities position it to provide a path to support the transport of today´s traditional broadcasts and tomorrow´s OTT services.

Built upon the trusted technology of the MDM6100 and MCX7000 software suite capabilities, the MCX8000 offers users higher density and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through its features.

With its modular design and functionality, users can easily swap out modem boards and power supply units (PSUs) without interrupting the system setup and with no requirement for tools, thus avoiding downtime for repairs and reducing operating expenses (OPEX). In the unlikely event of a failure in one PSU, the other can still power both modem boards and the redundancy switch. The MCX8000 also features ST Engineering iDirect’s Clean Channel Technology which ensures the highest bandwidth efficiency, also resulting in lower OPEX. The MCX8000’s energy-efficient design means that this is also a more environmentally friendly option.

The MCX8000 offers higher availability to broadcasters and by combining two modem boards and a 1+1 redundancy switch in one unit, it becomes a three-in-one solution. This results in lower TCO due to reduced downtime for repairs and low power consumption.

Simple configuration and ease of use is critical, and the MCX8000 features a brand-new, intuitive interface designed to streamline the entire process, reducing the requirement for specialist knowledge. This focuses on the logical flow of configuration, from general system settings to configuring inputs/outputs and defining monitoring requirements. The system also benefits from over-the-air updates rather than suspending services to carry them out manually.

Sean Yarborough, Vice President of Product Management at ST Engineering iDirect, said: “The broadcast sector relies on equipment that will promote maximum uptime, allowing operations to continue at all times. Broadcasters are also looking to lower CAPEX and OPEX and be more cost-effective in a competitive landscape. We designed the MCX8000 with the idea of bringing together the best of both worlds – high density and high reliability – through robust design and industry-leading redundancy solutions. The result is a future-proof system that combines video and IP multiservice capabilities to support the transport of today´s and tomorrow´s services.”

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