Tech Mahindra launches Sandstorm

Tech Mahindra has showcased Sandstorm at Mobile World Congress 2023.

Tech Mahindra has announced the launch of Sandstorm, a remote real-time network monitoring and smart device assurance service for telcos and enterprises.

Sandstorm is a fully scalable and customisable solution, designed to meet the requirements of customers. It will equip the Telcos to launch their network faster by assuring end-to-end call flows from a remote location, eliminating the need for engineers to be on cell site/ sector for undertaking the tests.

Sandstorm is a cutting-edge solution that allows service providers to remotely measure customer experiences on any device, from smartphones, tablets, VR headsets, smart TVs, to connected cars.

Sandstorm empowers enterprises to access any device “remotely” and use Tech Mahindra’s automation platform to test & deploy applications, devices, and others for end customers. The platform can help understand how apps are interacting with the actual network across diverse geographies in real-time. It delivers deep insights into device lower-layer information mapped to applications. This results in faster application development, and time-to-market. Due to the on-demand subscription approach, even granular reports can be generated quickly and cost-effectively on the platform. The comprehensive and innovative solution for network monitoring and device assurance will provide a competitive advantage to Tech Mahindra’s customers and help them achieve their business goals.

Speaking about the launch, Rohit Madhok, Global Head of Digital Engineering Services at Tech Mahindra, said: “The launch of Sandstorm will revolutionize the way telcos and enterprises monitor and assure their network and devices. Sandstorm’s intuitive design interface and easy-to-use tools, will enable our customers to quickly set up, run applications and gain valuable insights that were previously unattainable remotely and in real-time. Early success stories have demonstrated the immense capabilities that Sandstorm brings to the table. This is a testament to our commitment to deliver game-changing technology that helps our customers stay ahead of the curve.”

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