Vislink Technologies launches MicroLite 3 wireless video transmitter

Compact, robust HD solution now features LMS-T modulation, integrated camera control, expanded frequency bands and enhanced usability at an affordable price.   

Vislink Technologies, Inc. has launched MicroLite 3, its latest wireless video transmitter. The company will be demonstrating the MicroLite 3 as well as their other wireless camera systems and satcom solutions. It will be available as a standalone unit and also with a companion receiver in a complete end-to-end solution.

The MicroLite 3 includes numerous technological advancements designed to deliver video quality, bandwidth-efficient transmissions, ease of setup and flexible configuration options—all in a compact (3”/9cm) and lightweight (208 grams/<10 ounces) form factor. These features make it ideal for capturing high-quality, real-time HD video up to 1080i resolution from cameras used in applications such as ENG, live sports and entertainment, film assist, Steadicam operations and drone-based coverage.

Speaking about the product, John Payne, President and COO of Vislink, said: “The MicroLite 3 sets the new standard for affordable wireless video transmitters. We’ve essentially taken the leading mid-market camera system— the MicroLite — and supercharged its features while making it even easier to set up and quicker to deploy. The result is the most compelling value in wireless camera systems available today.”

For the first time, MicroLite 3 supports Vislink’s proprietary LMS-T (Link Modulation Scheme – Terrestrial), a modulation technique that is compatible with all Vislink receivers. LMS-T allows greater payload capacity over equivalent bandwidth than DVB-T options. The combination of LMS-T support and MicroLite 3’s MPEG-4  video compression help deliver outstanding picture quality.

MicroLite 3 also includes integrated VISCA camera control for greater flexibility, consistency and management of picture quality in changing light conditions. This can be used in conjunction with Vislink’s own FocalPoint system and ensures that viewers see perfectly exposed and true colour imaging. Also included is a telemetry channel providing long-range camera control and remote radio management.

Another key upgrade is that MicroLite 3 is much more frequency agile. Vislink has increased the frequency range supported by the MicroLite 3 to include licensed and unlicensed frequencies from the 2GHz to 6GHz range. This includes the U-NII Low 5.15-5.25GHz and 5.7-5.825GHz bands, with the potential to house higher frequencies (6.0-8.5GHz bands).

MicroLite 3 also sports a number of features aimed at enhancing the user experience. These include SDI and HDMI, push-button joystick interface, remote WiFi interface for simple configuration, and improved battery mounting options that now extend beyond clip-on batteries.

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