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NSR’s Satellite Ground Segment to generate $145bn in 10-year cumulative revenues

Both 5G and network virtualisation are key contributors to the next wave of satellite ground segment growth.

The Commercial Satellite Ground Segment is predicted to grow to $14.4bn annually by 2028, with $145bn in cumulative revenue over the next decade, according to NSR’s Commercial Satellite Ground Segment 4th Edition (CSGS4) report.

Despite turbulence in the video market, satellite TV continues to generate the largest volumes, pushing STBs (Set-top Box) and antennas to capture the biggest share of revenues.

Growth, however, will primarily come from data-centric use cases where HTS drives demand for both infrastructure segments (Baseband Equipment, Earth Stations) and applications (Consumer Broadband, Backhaul, Aero, Maritime, etc.). Both 5G and Network Virtualisation are key contributors to this next wave of satellite ground segment growth. The Satellite Ground Segment is a strategic network element for both operators and service providers.

Commenting on the figures, Lluc Palerm, NSR Senior Analyst and report author, said: “The satellite industry must not underestimate the transformative power of 5G. Beyond the hype related to new 5G use cases, which still need time to develop, 5G represents a whole new way to conceive networks and service delivery. The biggest short-term impact of 5G will be on the backend, in the adoption of concepts like flexible resource allocation, SDN (Software Defined Network), or NFV (Network Function Virtualisation). 5G opens a window of opportunity to make satcom seamlessly integrable with terrestrial technologies.”