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Inmarsat, Addvalue partners with ASI to support LEO platform

The cooperation will explore communications between Fast Pixel Network’s Earth Observation-based in LEO and Inmarsat’s communication satellite network in GEO.

Analytical Space (ASI) has announced a new partnership with Inmarsat, a mobile satellite operator and Addvalue, a wireless and broadband technology provider. The collaboration is to support ASI’s rollout of its Fast Pixel Network.

ASI Fast Pixel system is a downlink of data from remote sensing satellites that work without operators having to alter their own existing communications hardware or building their own constellation.

The cooperation will explore communications between the Fast Pixel Network’s Earth Observation (EO) based in LEO and Inmarsat’s communication satellite network in GEO.

The partnership with Inmarsat and Addvalue will open additional communications pathways between the Fast Pixel Network’s Earth observation constellation customers based in low Earth orbit and Inmarsat’s communication satellite network in geostationary orbit – without the need for those constellation operators to change their existing hardware architectures.

Speaking about the new partnership, ASI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Nevius, said: “The GEO-link IDRS service provided by Addvalue and Inmarsat is a perfect capability complement to the ASI Fast Pixel Network in LEO. By building in compatibility between our two networks we can collectively provide a real-time telemetry, tracking, and control link into Earth observation satellites through the IDRS solution and a high throughput, low-latency link back to the ground for imagery downlink through the ASI Fast Pixel Network. Having real-time access to our own network nodes also allows us to improve the performance of the Fast Pixel Network through more efficient coordination with client satellites and routing of data through the network.”

Todd McDonell, President Inmarsat Global Government, added: “The burgeoning low Earth orbit satellite market has opened up opportunities for far more prolific access to satellite imagery for the government and commercial sectors. With this demand in mind, we have worked with Addvalue to develop IDRS, which is a solution that addresses the issues with low Earth orbit satellite service blackout zones and real-time management and control. We are thrilled that our geostationary L-band network, combined with Addvalue’s IDRS capabilities, can facilitate seamless and near real time communications links to ASI to enable improved performance over their Fast Pixel Network.”