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SpaceX signs rideshare agreement Satellogic

The first mission, scheduled for mid-2021, will further expand Satellogic’s industry-leading in-orbit capacity.

Satellogic, an Earth observation company, announced a Multiple Launch Services Agreement (MLA) with SpaceX through which it will become Satellogics preferred vendor for rideshare missions. The first launch, scheduled for June 2021, will deliver Satellogic satellites to Low Earth Orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket.

Founded in 2010, Satellogic is a global company with offices in Charlotte, Miami, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Montevideo, Beijing and Tel Aviv. It is also the first company to develop a scalable Earth observation platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency and high-resolution. It expects to complete the initial buildout of their Earth Observation Constellation by the end of 2022. By then the company expects to have the capacity to deliver weekly, high-resolution coverage of the entire landmass of the planet. Through a series of rideshare launches over the next two years and beyond, it will be moving from weekly to daily world remaps by 2025 with more than 300 microsatellites in orbit.

 Talking about the partnership, Alan Kharsansky, VP of Mission Engineering and Operations at Satellogic said: “What SpaceX has accomplished through their agile launch schedule is a perfect complement to our own business model at Satellogic—which prioritises the ability to iterate quickly at every stage of development, as well as quickly deploy updated capabilities to our customers. This partnership enables us to continue to grow our fleet at an aggressive pace that matches the increased demand for geospatial insights across industries.”

 Tom Ochinero, Vice President of Commercial Sales at SpaceX, added: “Satellogics business model makes them the ideal partner for SpaceXs rideshare missions. SpaceXs frequent launch schedule means that Satellogics end customers will get the latest satellite technology as soon as its ready to launch.”

 After completing three launches in 2020, Satellogics in-orbit capacity enables access to up to four daily revisits of any point of interest and the collection of more than 4 million sq. km per day in high-resolution data. This capacity expands access to sub-meter imagery for both Satellogic Solutions and Dedicated Satellite Constellations (DSC) customers.