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Gilat wins new defence contract in Asia

To serve Gilat's customers' specialised needs, Gilat is deploying SkyEdge II-c hubs and Capricorn VSATs.

Israeli satellite technology company Gilat Satellite Networks has won a new defence contract in Asia.

Gilat was awarded follow-on orders for the expansion of a defence force satellite communication (SATCOM) network in an Asian nation.

Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c hubs and Capricorn VSATs are being deployed to serve the specialised needs of the customer.

This additional equipment, which will be used to expand tactical SATCOM solutions for mobile platforms, will increase the availability of communication channels for emergency and disaster response, as well as address mission-critical C4I needs.

Speaking about the contract, Michal Aharonov, Chief Commercial Officer at Gilat, said: “The improved performance of the customer network, with the successful deployment of Gilat’s state-of-the-art system, resulted in the requirement for additional network expansion. We’re proud to be recognised as a reliable partner, providing superior technology and highly secure SATCOM solutions that address the specialised needs of this nation’s defence forces.”