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STC Bahrain launches 5G-Network Slicing Service

The 5G Network Slicing capabilities will enable stc Bahrain to create tailored and more advanced 5G private networks.

STC Bahrain has announced the launch of a cutting-edge 5G Network Slicing Service under its 5G advance (5.5G) network evolution plan. The revolutionary milestone represents STC Bahrain’s commitment to providing the next generation of mobile connectivity and delivering an unparalleled user experience for customers and businesses.

The 5G Network Slicing capabilities will enable STC Bahrain to create tailored and more advanced 5G private networks, provide exceptional quality of service, enhanced network efficiency ultra-low latency, fast roll-out, flexible resource isolation and explore innovative business models beyond its traditional telecom services.

STC 5G Network slicing will allow integration with Enterprises on a low latency, enabling real-time applications such as Virtual and Augmented reality to process data quickly, customise content in line with user behavior and be instrumental in optimising traffic management, energy consumption and more. It will also allow users to have a more immersive experience while gaming, training, or collaborating remotely.

Commenting on the launch, Eng. Ahmed Alsharif, STC Bahrain Chief Technology & Digital Officer said: “Our commitment to innovation in line with our customers’ evolving demands in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, which has led us to this new technological milestone. With 5G Network Slicing, we are opening doors to the future of mobile connectivity, with innovative services, that are personalised and reliable. This is a first for Bahrain, and we believe this will optimise industries and enhance the lives of individuals.”

The introduction of 5G Network Slicing aims to empower industries such as healthcare, tourism and entertainment, education, and e-learning to create custom virtual networks and cater to the business requirements of those sectors by harnessing the full potential of 5G technology.