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RASAT satellite completes eight years in orbit

RASAT has scanned 15m sq. km and shot more than 2,800 images. The 100-kilogram satellite designed by TUBITAK engineers has revolved the earth 42,000 times.

Turkey’s first national earth observation satellite, named RASAT has completed its eighth-year in orbit.

The satellite, with a design life of three years, scanned 15m square kilometres and shot more than 2,800 images in eight years, Lokman Kuzu, the Head of Space Technologies Research Institute of Turkey’s Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK) told Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency.

The 100-kilogram satellite, which was designed by TUBITAK engineers, has revolved around the world for more than 42,000 times, Lokman Kuzu noted.

Commenting on the satellite Kuzu noted: “RASAT has been serving for eight years with all its parts in top condition.”

The satellite, which usually observes Turkey, provides views of areas such as dams, constructions, fires, forests and volcanos, he said.

“We will start more high-technology projects in coming days, we believe in our engineers and software developers,” he noted.