Saudi Space Agency launches Space Madak competition

The competition will be supervised by Saudi astronaut Rayana Barnawi.

The Saudi Space Agency (SSA), in collaboration with Misk Foundation and Ilmi Science Discovery & Innovation Centre, has launched the Madak competition, aiming to amplify the Arab contribution to the field of space science.

Called “Space Madak,” the competition targets students aged six to 18 across the Arab world, offering the tantalising prospect of a journey to the International Space Station for winning entries by Q4 2024.

Comprising three distinct tracks, the competition caters to various age groups: the arts track for ages six to 11, the botany track for ages 12 to 14, and the engineering track for ages 15 to 18.

Under the guidance of Rayana Barnawi, the first female Saudi astronaut who conducted 14 experiments aboard the ISS, the competition marks a significant partnership between Misk Foundation and Ilmi Science Discovery & Innovation Centre.

Barnawi expresses that the competition represents a “unique opportunity for students in the Arab world to participate in a journey of discovery and innovation,” fostering creativity and expanding the horizons of the region’s ambitious youth.

At its core, the competition aims to nurture skills and capabilities among Arab students while igniting their curiosity for space exploration. Participants are tasked with crafting experiments focused on studying plant growth in microgravity environments, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

CEO Mohammed Al-Tamimi emphasises that the competition is open to all Arab students, underscoring Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering creativity and excellence in space science, both domestically and internationally.

With registration open until April 30, students across the Arab world are invited to seize this opportunity to explore new frontiers in space science and enhance their scientific prowess.