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STC Bahrain and Huawei forge deal for 5.5G network development

Central to this collaboration, the 5.5G target network will establish the standards for the next-generation communication network.
Nezar Banabeela, CEO of STC Bahrain, and AnJian, President of Pricing Center at Huawei.

At the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2024, STC, a major telecom operator in Bahrain, and Huawei have officially announced the signing of two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) for the development of a 5.5G Network, service innovation, alongside 2B digital transformation. This collaboration aims to jointly promote the utilisation of new spectrums, deploy an Advanced 5.5G network, implement FWA 2.0 home broadband strategy, foster IoT development, integrate network intelligence, and significantly enhance STC Bahrain’s capability in the 2B segment. This partnership signifies the collective resolve to spearhead innovation in telecommunications technologies and services on a global scale.

The ceremony was attended by Nezar Banabeela, CEO of STC Bahrain, and AnJian, President of Pricing Centre at Huawei. In their speeches, both leaders articulated that the collaboration represents not only a strategic alliance between the two companies but also signifies a shared blueprint for the future development of communications technology.

The main focus of this collaboration is on utilising the new spectrum. With the exponential growth of data traffic and the emergence of new applications, there is an increased demand for spectrum resources. STC and Huawei will collaborate on researching and developing the use of new spectrums to provide more efficient and rapid data transmission services, catering to future user requirements.

Central to this collaboration, the 5.5G target network will establish the standards for the next-generation communication network. Leveraging Huawei’s technologies and expertise, STC plans to construct a more intelligent, flexible, and efficient network. This network aims to enhance user experience and support innovative business scenarios such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), ultra-high-definition video, and low latency services.

The FWA 2.0 home broadband strategy constitutes another pivotal aspect of this collaboration. With the surge in telecommuting and online education, there has been a sharp rise in demand for stable and high-speed fixed wireless access. STC and Huawei will collaborate to advance FWA 2.0 technology, aiming to provide broadband connection services with enhanced performance, broader coverage, and reduced costs.

In IoT, both parties will collaborate on developing forward-thinking intelligent IoT solutions. These solutions aim to foster smarter cities, homes, and businesses. Through Huawei’s IoT solutions and STC’s network capabilities, the partners will jointly explore new business models in fields such as Redcap and P-IoT, among others.

Moreover, network intelligence stands as a cornerstone of this collaboration. STC and Huawei will jointly integrate AI and machine learning technologies to enhance network automation and intelligence. This initiative not only boosts the efficiency of network operations but also offers users more personalized services.

The signing of this collaboration marks a new chapter in the partnership between STC and Huawei in the global communications technology domain. Drawing on their respective strengths, the two parties aim to jointly propel the advancement of 5.5G technologies, delivering a richer communication experience to users and contributing to the digital transformation of society.

Speaking about the collaboration, Nezar Banabeela said: “We are delighted to establish a partnership with a global technology leader like Huawei. 5.5G technology epitomises the future of communications technology. Together, we will explore and realize this future. Through this partnership, we are confident in our ability to deliver even better communication services to users in Bahrain and across the globe.”

With the continuous maturation and application of 5.5G technologies, STC remains committed to strengthening its position at the forefront of technological innovation and service enhancement. The signing of the MoU not only heralds a new era in the 5.5G landscape but also inaugurates a new chapter for the future development of the entire telecom industry.